Monday, August 24, 2009

Rubbermaid’s Easy Find Lids System: Efficiency Meets Versatility

Earlier this summer I was asked to review Rubbermaid ‘s Easy Find Lids System. The company sent me a twenty-piece All-In-One sample pack of four different food storage containers: Easy Find Lids, Lock-its, Produce Saver and Premier containers. All summer-long I put these products to the test, and I have to say I am pleased with the products.

I am impressed by how neatly the pieces stack together. In my small kitchen efficient use of space is vital. The square bases stack together nicely. The lids stack together, and then the lids snap to the bottom of the base containers. The lids and bases are interchangeable because a lid fits bases of different sizes. Hmm, how much time is saved by eliminating “hide and go seek” with food container lids?

The most valuable thing the Produce Saver containers has saved is my nerves. You know how it is; you start to put together a recipe that uses the produce you picked up a couple of days ago, only to find out it is has started to go bad. I hate that! But the produce I kept in the Produce Saver containers did last longer, so I didn’t have to worry about the state of my dinner ingredients…or my frustration level.

The Premier containers end another one of my frustrations: stained food containers. We like spaghetti. I usually make enough for leftovers, and usually it’s easy to spot which containers are used to store the spaghetti. They’re the ones that are an interesting shade of orange. The clear bases of the Premier containers did not stain, and they remained nice and clear after repeated use.

Another tough challenge is the transportation of soup to a potluck. Would the Lock-its lid stay on the base without leaking - despite being jumbled about? Yes, it did! The lid snapped on the base easily but stayed securely in place until it was snapped off. Happily, I did not need the strength of a weight lifter to get the lid on or off the base of the Lock-its – or any of the other products, for that matter.

The bases for all of the containers provide a good degree of visibility so it’s easy to identify their contents. I like to use a water-soluble marker to date the sides of the containers so I don’t have to guess the age of the contents. The marker quickly wipes off without staining the container.

If your house is like my house, food containers are used for a lot more that storing food. These containers store craft supplies very nicely. I put pony beads in one container, string in second container, plus scissors and needles in a third container. Then I snapped all three containers together, which made it easy to carry them to a scout meeting. Lock-its containers keep play clay pliable for a long time and did not leak the ooze that we created from starch and borax. I especially like the added visibility the Premier lid’s transparent panel provides.

Efficient space-use, durable, easy-to-use, versatile and effective – I believe that the Rubbermaid containers meet every need I could possible have in a container. Oh, did I mention they are affordable? In fact, if you visit you can get a coupon for your purchase.
The Rubbermaid site ( has all sorts of great product information, online shopping, and their “Adventures in Organizing” blog. Shop online to save yourself a trip to the store, and you’ll save10% on your new products when you enter coupon code 0902.
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