Monday, December 23, 2013

A Plan To Rectify Christmas Procrastination

Celebrators of Christmas: if you find yourself without gifts, without decorations, without an idea of what to serve at the holiday dinner, without a plan, and a bit (maybe a lot) stressed out, take a minute to read this.
Take a deep breath and ponder these things.
·      There still is some time, but not a lot of time, before Christmas.
·      Adjust the scope of your plans to fit the time that you have.
·      Write everything down so you don’t add on the stress of trying to remember things.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Five Steps To Bidding Adieu To The Holidays

1)   Get in the right frame of mind. After all of the excitement and activities of the holiday, the idea of putting things away can be a little dispiriting. Breathe some life into this project by giving yourself a deadline for putting things away and reframe the task - make the job part of the celebration with music, cookies and family involvement. Take pictures of each decorated area and put the pictures in the holiday notebook.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Cards - Party On

It’s fun to receive holiday cards. Their color and cheer add to the holiday spirit. And I love having tangible correspondence that connects me to friends and family in ways that social media can’t. But sending out cards – well that can be a task - a dreaded task at that. For a lot of people the shear volume of the work involved in sending out cards causes them to procrastinate. Rather than get caught up in the dread, let’s look at how sending cards can be more approachable by improving motivation and simplifying the process.