Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Wish To You: Peace

It is the day before Christmas and I am sure for the majority of folks things are far from quiet. If you feel that you are battling the clock, look for some shortcuts.

Last minute gifts: contribute to a charity in the recipients name or a gift card for a service like a massage.

Last minute cleaning: There isn't time to deep clean so focus on the public rooms.
Put away what doesn't belong.
Wipe off the horizontal surfaces and vacuum.

Decorations: Less is more.
Pick one focus area. Use scented candles or scent diffusers for a sensory treat.

Meals: Complicated dishes take more time and energy than what's available.
A simple roast beef or turkey and simple veggies.
Pick up bread and dessert from the bakery.
Throw a tablecloth on the table.
Trim a few snippets from the tree and put them in the center of the table with a collection of candles.

Add an abundance of holiday music.

Breathe deep and enjoy.

I hope you have a peaceful holiday.