Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Five Steps To Ending Crowded Closets - Step One

Does the chill in the air have you looking for your sweaters and your heavier clothes? What are you going to do with those summer tank tops and shorts? This month’s 1380 Clutter Challenge will help you - we are going to end crowded closets with five steps.
Step one: have a fashion show!  Put on some upbeat music and maybe pour yourself a glass a wine. For the next few hours you’re going to work the runway.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Five Steps To A More Organized Desk - Steps Four and Five

The first three steps of organizing your desk entailed setting up your action system and sorting through the piles. If you feel like it took along time to go through your papers, keep this thought in mind: a one-inch stack of paper contains about 50 sheets of paper and that can translate into 50 separate decisions. Congratulate your self on your tenacity for sticking with the job.
Step 4: Review your new to-dos and put things away. After a sorting session review everything that you wrote down on your master list.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Five Steps To A More Organized Desk - Step Three

Steps one and two focused on evaluating your current organizing systems and setting up an action system for handling the paper that is currently coming across the desk. I like to implement an organizing system as early as possible. If we started going through the stacks of paper before setting up a new organizing system, the new paperwork will end up in a stack as well - further delaying a vision of a clean desk. Now that the action system is in place it's time to hit the stacks.
Step 3: Gather your tools and sort! Now we’re going to dig into those stacks and drawers.