Saturday, September 28, 2013

Clear Spaces on 1380 The Woman - The Clutter Challenge

I'm excited to announce that I will be on the Let's Talk Shop show with Dawn Meadows Dixon and Teach Tigue at 9:45 AM every fourth Thursday of the month. Just turn your radio dial to 1380 AMDid you know that 1380 is the only woman-talk radio station in the area? Probably the country!

Five Steps To A More Organized Desk - Steps One And Two

Somewhere under the paper, the letters, and the electronic accessories there’s a desktop just earning to be productive.  In five steps you can be reunited with your desktop and be a whole lot more productive and focused. Although there aren’t many steps, this project will take time – the amount of time depends on the depth of your stacks. It’s time well invested because not only will you have a lovely vista for cranking out work, but also you’ll be developing habits that will have you increasingly more organized.