Saturday, August 15, 2009

Organize Your Breakfast?

In keeping with the theme "Morning Zoom," I asked Angelina Bertani if she would kindly contribute a post on how to get a fast and nutritious breakfast together. At the end of the post you'll find more information on Angelina and her website, which you'll want to visit after you read her ideas.

Yes that’s right, here are a few tips from Angelina Bertani, CHHC.

Why eat Breakfast?

1. How you start your day affects how you feel and think all day long, essentially if you don’t eat, you will not get as much done in your day.
2. Breakfast is like setting the thermostat in our bodies
3. Breakfast will assist your weight loss and reduce binges and cravings in the afternoon

There are a few places that you might be in regards to breakfast…

1. You are ravenously hungry shortly after breakfast (within 1 ½ hours). You are not having a substantial breakfast. It also may not be the correct type of breakfast for you. Some people need more protein for breakfast and others do better with a more carbohydrate rich breakfast. A good quality breakfast or lack there of is making you hungry instead of satisfying you. A good breakfast will last you at least 2-3 hours

2. You throw something in your mouth on the way to work. Like a balance bar? You may feel like there’s little time to spare. When you plan out a substantial breakfast you’ll actually be more productive and focused thourout the day so that you get more done. It’s important to learn to make time for breakfast.

3. You are not usually hungry for breakfast. Many clients who report that they have no appetite before 11am have adrenal fatigue. To support the adrenal glands through food one of the things that will help is to eat a small breakfast despite your lack of hunger, over time it helps to rebalance the body and strengthen the adrenals.

4. You unsure of quick and healthy breakfast options, so you just don’t take the time. Don’t worry I have just the thing for you below…CHOICES!

5. You find yourself eating the same things over and over and you’d like to know some more exciting choices that are easy. Don’t worry I have just the thing for you too! Join me at an upcoming cooking class

Smart Breakfast Options …in less than 5 minutes

o Smoothies – use frozen fruit to make several smoothie concoctions at
once – put in fridge or freezer and use through the week

o Homemade muesli (see recipe at end of blog) or whole grain cereal

o Make a batch of oatmeal or steel cut oats for the week and just heat up

o Sprouted grain English muffins or Ezeckial bread with almond butter and banana

o Fast Scramble - scramble 2 eggs with some baby spinach, hand-crumbled
mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes

o Yogurt, fruit, and nuts – (Try Fage brand Greek yogurt)

o Hard-boiled eggs (make a few at a time and keep them in the fridge), plus
a piece of fruit – or with/on sprouted grain English muffin or bread

Angelina Bertani, Holistic Health Counselor, Anxiety Free Weight Loss Coach, Author, Speaker, and Founder of Pure Nourishment, LLC. If you're ready to jumpstart your health, get your F*R*E*E tips now at

Thank you so much Angelina!

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