Saturday, June 20, 2009

Freedom from Clutter!

I am really looking forward to my next Letting Go and Lightening Up class series that will begin on July 11. We had a wonderful time in our spring series, and feedback indicates the class really had a positive difference. The upcoming class series will help the participants get organized by the holidays.

How many holidays have you spent rushing around trying to put things in order, not to mention dealing with the extra tasks of holiday preparation? This year can be different if you enroll in our upcoming class.

The Letting Go and Lightening Up Class Series focuses on dealing with clutter in four areas: the mind, the home, the office and our lives. Letting go of the clutter in our mind is the essential first step to making decisions about the rest of our clutter. A student in the last class series called this the "peaceful power" step!

If you could use more "peaceful power" and less clutter in your life enroll in the next Letting Go and Lightening Up class series. . Complete your enrollment by July 1 and you will save $5o. Bring a friend and you will each save another $50! I expect the class to fill up quickly so don't delay your enrollment! Visit

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