Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hey Buddy, Want A Good Deal On Elfa?

Most of my clients know that I am a huge fan of Elfa systems for a number of reasons. Elfa is strong, attractive and - with some many components - hugely flexible. Elfa introduced a freestanding unit last year which is perfect for the renter or someone who loathes drilling into brick or stone.

January is an excellent time to buy Elfa because The Container Store offers a 30% discount. What you may not know is the 30% sale will end on Friday, February 6 BUT if you buy an Elfa system during this time you may be eligible to purchase additional Elfa components until Presidents' Day. You will need to save the coupon and receipt from the original purchase to receive the extended discount.

So if you're not sure about how much you want to get, you have a week to try out your new Elfa system before adding some other components! Like I said - flexible.
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