Monday, January 13, 2014

The Sharpest (read: Most Productive) Tool in the Shed

Guest Post by Susan Brennan
I was recently preparing dinner for myself and I realized that the process was going slower than
normal. I was getting frustrated because the tomatoes weren’t dicing nicely, and even the
avocado wasn’t slicing well.
It was then I realized, the knives I was using weren’t sharp. They
were basically useless. Do you ever feel like you’re working on something, but the process just
isn’t as smooth as it could be? Oftentimes people blame a failing process on the wrong tools,
but I’m going to challenge that in most cases, having the wrong tool isn’t the problem; it’s just
that the tool itself is dull. Dull knives don’t cut well, but sharp knives do their job beautifully!

Which tools in your life need some sharpening to make them even more effective?

I’m guessing that something just popped into your head. Either an actual tool (maybe the
lawnmower needs a new blade?), or perhaps a process that needs some fine tuning. Whatever
it is that just came to mind, I encourage you to take a step towards sharpening it! Dull tools
don’t serve us well in life, and the longer you keep them around without fixing them up, the
more frustrating it will be for you. It is up to you to make sure those things are taken care of, so
commit to getting those knives sharpened, so to speak, and you may just find that this is your
most productive year ever!

Susan Brennan is a speaker, personal assistant and productivity enthusiast. You can learn more about her and how she helps people Be Productive Vicariously, by visiting her website at

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