Monday, January 10, 2011

A New Way To Look At Organizing

Tonight I was surfing the net to check out the many articles on organizing – it is Get Organized month after all.  I perused many articles that extolled the benefits of organizing:            
            Find things when you need them so you save time and frustration,
            Eliminate buying duplicate items so you save money and space,
            Having a bill-paying system so you never have to deal with late-fees again,
            Being on time and prepared for appointments,
            Being able to open the door to your home when guest pop by,
            Saving effort because an efficient workflow is in place,
            And many other terrific benefits that you’ve probably seen before.
In the midst of all of the usual reasons for getting organized I found a new and refreshing one on Giorgi Lobjanidze’s blog: “organized living is sexy.”
If by sexy he means a calmness from order, an attitude of self-confidence and a sense of control, then yes I completely agree. 
“Organized living is sexy” – kind of puts a new slant on Get Organized month.
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