Friday, November 14, 2008

Clear Spaces Is Poised To Transform Lives

Denise Lee, owner of Clear Spaces, LLC, is pleased to announce that she successfully completed facilitator training for the Letting Go and Lightening Up approach on October 18, 2008. Letting Go and Lightening Up is “a life-integrating approach that combines organizing techniques and tools with life-guiding principles.” The teachings are designed to empower the student to identify and clear the clutter in the mind so it is easier to decide what to let go of, what to keep and where to put it.

Letting Go and Lightening Up co-founder Annie Rohrbach blended organizing techniques with teachings from her spiritual counseling training to develop the four-part class series "Letting Go and Lightening Up--In Your Mind, Your Home, Your Office, Your Life(TM)." Since 1999 the class series has transformed the lives of hundreds of students. Annie and her daughter Carolyn, a corporate trainer, created the company Letting Go and Lightening Up in 2002. More information about Letting Go and Lightening Up (LGandLU) can be found at

The LGandLU key teachings compliment Clear Spaces’ mission to help others live the life they want to live through better balance and organization. As a facilitator Denise is looking forward to using the LGandLU tools to help her organizing clients make better decisions about their possessions, space and time. Additionally Denise will offer LGandLU classes to the public twice a year beginning in February 2009.
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