Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Prepare For Holiday Guests

Will you be hosting houseguests this holiday season? Use this checklist to attend to the visit details. Writing down the details will make you feel more prepared and less stressed. Plus your guests will love that you thought of everything!

1) When are your guests expected to arrive?
a. Day ______________
b. Time______________
2) Will you need to pick them up at the airport?
a. Their airline and flight number: ____________________
b. Their expected arrival time: ______________________
c. Where will you meet them? ______________________
d. Check on the flight status before leaving for the airport.
3) When are your guests expected to leave?
a. Day_______________
b. Time_______________
4) Will you need to take them to the airport?
a. Their airline and flight number: ____________________
b. Their expected departure time: ______________________
c. The time they must check-in at the airport? Check with the airline and the amount of time to allow before departure. ______________________.
5) How will you accommodate your guests?
a. Where will they sleep?
b. Do you have enough pillows, bed linens, blankets and towels?
c. If not, what do you need? Put these items on your master shopping list.
d. _____________________________________________
6) Do your guest have any special dietary requirements or requests? What are they?
7) ___________________________________________________
8) Have you planned the meals and snacks to include these requirements and extra servings?
9) After tidying the guest room make sure there is a clock, a notepad and pen, tissues, and a good reading lamp by the bed.
10) Some magazines and a small bowl of sugar-free hard candy are a nice touch.
11) Have extra travel-sized toiletries available just in case.
12) What activities do you have planned? Do you need to make any final confirmations?
a. _____________________________________________________
b. _____________________________________________________
13) After your guests are settled, give them a tour of your home. Show them how to work the door locks, how to work the alarm system, work the stove and the coffee maker. Let them know if there are any special rules for the house – such as no table scraps for the puppy.
14) Give your guests a copy of the house key with a local map. Mark the location of your house – along with the address and phone number – and any interesting near-by sites.

Remember, everyone benefits from a little quiet time. Do not feel obligated to constantly entertain your guests. In fact, they may enjoy some time for solitary exploring.
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